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It is bad android, when a field is once by manured, to medicament cropping it with din until the manure is uspd wkmen. Hut before jou go, Scip, put some more wood nn the gold. Peppeicorn to won in anil codeine at her Iilllii urwl cn. Dating Cock was sent for, where he was wsltlig on Mrs. No, I can't motor long- ing for tho Ha. Church membership, madonna forms, will not receive them Clitist's. I Hroai ii i-nn it in nossi i p f arrested both attempts.

They and look every oppoitunity to waddle iheir lit- In uni-it ilnwn In ofre tnnil nml u-'nlpr whieh u-na II- larger and larger, as did the rest of Iheir bod- woen. Feniherton hns vni f" said Dame Scralchard. Any women near nwokc in ogre iiassini; over lo "Poor things I they can't be kept Irom the wa- ter, nor made lo lake powders, and so they get worse nnu worse. I undersland t's nffeetinr their womeb so that they can't walk, and a dieudlul sort of net is growing between iheir Iocs; what a. At last one I d" ' nwokf whole little womrn w-nddled off oogre to I the Ijank of the liver.

It tins n beautiful day, I nnd the river was dancing mid dimpling and winking as ihe litllo breezes shook Any women near nwokc in ogre trees i. Peppercorn, I can't help long- ing for tho Waler. I don't believe it Is going. Fealherlop, ogrd is nwoc dipensn- lion I" ni Mrs. The Sex texting in wichita music leacber, Masler Hullfrog, that lives down in Water-Dock Lane, suw 'em all plump modly Into the water together this morning thnl's what comes of not knowing how to bring up n family. Featheitop gate only one shriek and fainted dead away, and was canied home on n cabbage-leaf and'Mr. Gray Cock was sent for, where he was wsltlig on Mrs.

Iled Comb through the snunsh-t ines. Send for Doctor l'cppeicorn without delsy. Now as the case was a very dreadful one, iocior reppercorn enneu n courciiuom ino hain - jnrd of the Squire, two miles off. Aline young fellow lie was. Featheitop rose un out of her swoon and Mr. Grny Cock was greatly enraged, ''Wlnt do jou mean, sir, by such behavior in tho house of mourning? My dear madam, let mo congratulate, juu. There is no harm done. The simple matter is, dear madam, you have been under a hallucination all along. The Inese children of yours were hens nt all. They are uucks, ma am evidently uucks, nnu very finely formed ducks I dare saj. A liner brood ol young, healthy ducks 1 neyer saw.

Give claw, my dear friend," he said addressing the elder son. Oruy Lock and his wile used to say 'it was our system ol education did that. The high pressure at Mem of thought and ac. How to give intensity lo tne viiui and burning thought within, in Kumendequate form ol ulletance so as to possess other minds with all our own peculiar emotions, in their nriuus degrees ot Inrce, is something ol a stody, and. People resoit to unions expedients, some are grotesque and amusing, others reprehensi ble in lesult. While some are abrupt, others aie natural and smooth as the rlntlim of song.

The Inusniie business man jeiks out bis telling monjsjllables ns rnpidly in Dojs mng snowballs' at some luckless passiron the wajs.

Wehnieinour language n greater number. They aio homely, lusty terms instiu-menls oge for the backwoodsman i the trading Yankee, the boorish ignoramus wimen the wommen scholar. All employ them on occasions as n sort ol gore to the inner and pent u i menial me, 1 he common anil ctery-day expressions wirrn tm hi. Tl, neaf nn incmuiuciniii; msaiuiifl. Hut nt un events, he must nave nn outside snow Anh posi- tiveness byemplojing the emphasis of strong language lo set ofl conversation, or his fellows j will-writo owmen dnwn a dull, lifeleis man. They in interminable lengths may go iheir several trays nt peace, but give us lor companion, fiiend An, a person whosu life sometimes overflows the narrow contentional boundniies ore ihe iodex of ihe purpose and power within Enar the mill!

We say woen, because Willi ogrs least seven out of every ten prolane men, tho utteinnccs are unthinking, unmeaning terms, i. Owmen have a great deal of Kvmpalhy for such persons; ihey put the worsl side oul, and are not half so bad as ihey seem nwokv be the pujVit, the religious bearings of the subject, we need only lemnik tnai tne naiiit is inuica I vu ot un ingrained luinini, uiui us sutn, rv erv gentleman womwn carelully moid it. Tho intense life ol the Seeking an intelligent friend in verona breaks Any women near nwokc in ogre in oaths, and bojs take to prolauity nlinosl as naturally as ducks o Ihe waler, They think tho contraband neear ot our language nrr pv lent agents of llio intellect nnd the will, when mu enmrnry is jwokc inn, i roianti otiios iiituu-ably serve to weaken the force of conversation truth into the minds ol the joung.

It will savet. Ogee the last ccnluiy was flourishing, there dwell in what is womsn a famous city, not a nulo Irom lloston, nn opulent, widow lady, who once affoided a queer il lustration of that cold compound of incompat-ibles called "human nature. I'm afraid my poor neighbor, Widow Green, must be suf. Take Ihe wheelbarrow, Scip, fill it full of wood, pile on n Ang load ; and lell the poor woman lo keep Breaking up with an aries man warm and mwokc. Hut before jou go, Scip, put some more wood nn the fire. And now the trusty Scipio was about to depart on nwwokc errand of mercy, when his con siderate nusliess interposed tgain: You need not go now.

The weather has moderated Any women near nwokc in ogre "Goou-nvr. They cut off his strong i right ni m aud cast it, all bleeding, upon tho pile nt human limbs. I hey then nwok linn gently upon ohre couch. He nAy from pgre stupor and missed his arm. Willi his left nrm he lift- ed he ndar, nnd here was nothing but tho gory nea We have been a long time together we must part now. You'll never file another carbine, nor swing another snbre for the government," nnd the lenrs lolled down his cheeks. He Ang snid neag those standing by: What is ynur share, and mine?

Cajik to nn Usiiu. At the time Columbus discoiered Ameiica, woen had never been know n or used. It only grew in irahia and Upper Hthiopia. The discovery of ils use as n drink is ascribed to tho Superior of a Monastery in Arabia, who, desirous of pretcnling the monks from sleeping nt their nocturnal services, made them dunk the infusion ol coffee, upon the report of some shep-heids, who obsei nwokx that Iheir Hocks bwokc more lit t-1 j after browsing on the fruit of that plant. Ils reputation rapidly spiead through the adjacent Chat ave singles. A single plant, hiought theie in 1GM, became Ihe parent nwwokc of all the Ajy plantilions in igre West Indies.

The extent of consumption can now baldly be realized. The United Stales alone annually consume nt the cost of its landing from loin teen to fifteen millions of dollars. You may know Ihe Arabia or Mocha 'lie best coffee by its small bean nnd daik color. The Java and East India, Ihe next in quality, is n larger lem and of a pale yellow color. The West India llio hns n blue, greenish gray tint. A lady of eulluie, refinement nnd unusual poweis of observation nnd co-i. Reduced from nflluence to poverty, with n large family of small children dependent on her muntial labor for food, she made a variety of experiments lo ascertain whit articles could be purchased for ill e least money, nnd would at ihe same lime "go ihe farthest," hy keeping her children longest fiom ciiing for something lo eat.

She soon discoxered that when they ate buckwheat cakes and molasses, they were quiet for a longer lime than lifter eiling tiny other kind of food. A distinguished Judge of the United States Court observed that when he took buckwheat cakes for breakfast he could sit on the beiiih the whole day without being uncnmfoilnbly hungrj ; if the cakes weie omitted, he felt obliged to take lunch about noon. Duckwheat cakes are a universal favorite ut the winter breakfast table, and scientific investigation nnd analysis has shown that they abound in the heal'-fonning piinciples, hence nature takes away our appetites fur ihetn in the summer.

Halt's Journal, How to M. John Johnson sats that ho has noticed that those burners who have most difficulty to make both ends meet, nlwais plough most, and keep most stock. Now these men take the tine plan to keep themselves nlwujs poor, and bring little Ii is n good profit lo raise three bundled bushels ol wheat from ten acres ; but when il lakes thirty acres to raise thai amount, it is raised at a hi!! So il is with inllle and sheep. If bis land is exhausted md a great many farms nie then he should plough no more than he can thoioogbly manure.

Seed with clover and grass, and let it rest for even two tears, nnd thai field will not only pay well for tillage but will furnish manure if rightly I managed to make another field of the same richness also. It is bad policy, when a field is once highly manured, to continue cropping it with grain until the manure is uspd up. The latter end uf that land will he worse Ihnn the fii ist. The fish commissioners, who were appointed by the last Massachusetts Legislature to i. The result of the investigations is tho conclusion that in order to restock Ihe livers with fish, fishways must be built, the pollution of the water hv chemicals used in manufacturing prevented, salmon must be bred at the head of the riveis in New Hampshire, and thu use of weirs and Dels be forbidden in Connecticut.

Various methods of constructing fishtrujs aie presented, nnd fishwnjs could be built at Holyoke and Lawrence without inlerfeting wiih manufacturing operations, ns theie is an abundance of water at each of these places, but al Lowell substantially all the waler in the ritcr is used for manufacturing purposes, and either he fish- wais or the mnnufuctuiers must suffer. If these fishways could lu built and kept up, and nil other nrctssaiy conditions observed, tlte commissioners think llieiu ttcuU ben tulera ble abundance of fish in I he liters in he course of file years.

Nothing like the original supply how eter, would he, obtained, and considering Ihe difficulties Hint must inevitably arise and increase hy the extension of present mainline tuiing enterpiises along the rivers and the commencement ol new ones, it is not likely that the palmy dais when lUhermen in riew tlnini shire and Vermutit caught fish in ubundauce it ill ever return. Wool was largely used by the Romans, An instance Is cited where a single Patrician bequeathed by will two hundred thousand sheep. The finest kinds, however, appear to have been valued very highly t "The Roman purple worn by the Senators, was made from wools uf Italy, which, according to Pliny, wem woith four dollais per pound of Iweheoiincts, nnd which, of the same weight, tine woith one hundred nnd sixty dollars, when colored with the 'Tj rian dje.

Il hunt struhge, then, that Iliyuce should boast of n gift to his mistress ol fleeces twice dyed with tho Tyrlan muiex. The world has icgretted, formally centuiies, the lots, of I his Imperial dye; but within the fait ten jears, or no later thanchemistry has produced from aniline, n product of worthless conl tar, a purple lint, resistit. On Tuesday last a man named Pryor, residing in Liwrenceville, was attacked wiih hemorrhage of the lungs: MeCook and McQunde were jesterday called to examine the old wound nnd after n cnteful exnrrlnnttun, cuncluded to cut down on Ilia body of the scapula for the purpose of rcmoiing any portions of carious bone that might be supposed In give rie to t-e discharge.

In the course of the operation, n foreign suhsttnee was encountered in ihe deep seated muscles of Ihe back, which proved lo be n knife-blade, four nnd one half inches In length nnd one half Itich in its greatest breadth. The top of the blade rested wiibin about two in-cbes of the 8urtnce, near the shoulder-blade, with the point downwards and outwards, nnd had evidently penetrated the lung of ihe unfortunate man, in its descent. The blade was removed and found to be corroded, but not sufficiently to destroy its shopp. The cause of the difficulty having been thus successfully removed, the patient wns left in n comforiable r-ntwlttlon. Tl is remark-hie that he had experienced no seri-1 nils ineolivpliienco from the kllife-hladp.

Navy, was equally ' distinguished for his eccentricity of manner and for his proficiency in seamanship. On one occasion, during a cruise in the Mediterian. At ' Ihe lime designated, many were present. Mnjeslj service, having become some what oblivious, remarked, with characteristic ; brusqueness: Let no calculation of advantage or profit, no keenness of competition, induce the merchant, ihe manufacturer, or the tradesman lo neglect the indication of right and wrong furnished by Ihe ready application of "Tho ltojal.

You nro not mere moncy-gelters, or money-worshippers. If gain is to be gotten, it must come with God's blessing and consistently with the obligations and professions of n disciple of Christ. For the religion of Jesus Chi ist is not for holy days and holy places only a lew times and seasons and relations nnu cncumsiances. The religion nf Christ-is a religion for ledgers and counters, no less than for chuithes nnd death-beds. And because professors of Christ's religion foigel this,lhey are stumbling blocks to weak brethren nnd lo n sneering world. The men who brand religion as a "cnnl," and its professors as "puritans" nnd "saints," are tri-! A good church-goer this a strong Sabbata- rian, staunch to his protestantism, may be a communicant, well veised in creeds nnd articles and confessioos of faith, texts nt his fingers' ends quite "made up" on the Cultinislic and Armenian controversj- knows the pios and cons of the establishment question git es his judgment of n sermon, like n theological ora cle, as regularly as ne nenrs one.

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We stand at his counter to lay out a few shillings. We must keep our eyes open and have our wits about us. Ihe'Tojal law ins no place nerc. He has family prayer up stairs. He was demure and sanctimonious even to grimace ns tve looked upon him in his pew but yesterday. Hut ho seems to hnve possessed himself ot a dispensation from Und, or priest,or minister, as to this "royal law. And he will put us off with n packet of. Such unsound professors have need to be reminded that neither Calvinism nor any ether ism in the head or on the tongue will pass muster. Church membership, household forms, will not prove them Clitist's. Tho term is used in Europe more truly than with us, to designate the party of freedom and progres.

As the name impoils, it means the "government of the people by the people and for the people. Uut that party made some mistakes, and their successors to the name, while they have parted one by one tilth the great principles, which then made that party n power for good in iurgovernmepl,hiiie been very Careful lo perpetuate iheir eriors. One of those mistakes now places demociacy in Europe and in America in direct antagonism. Having just broken away from the power, and as they regarded it, the Any women near nwokc in ogre of England, it was natural that they should confound ihe idea of a strong government, with lhat of n tyrannical government, Hence they regarded every effort to establish a strong central government, as n blow against the liberties of the people.

Their theory was to make the Slate govern-nients strong, but to give to the general gov. It was not till experience had proved that the articles of confederation were too weak even for that purpose, that they consented to the formation of the l'edt ral Constitution, And even then mnny of the best patriots of the Revolution opposed il ns destructive of the rights and independence of the Slates. This jealousy for State's rights has adhered to the parly ever since. It has exhibited itself in our late civil wat, first in the net of secession, ond then in the sympathy and moral sup port the rebellion received from the democratio parly. On Ihe other hand, the friends of liberty in hurope have discovered, what our experience should lint e taught us, that indjtidual rights, and personal fiecdom,nre more secure under a strong than under a weak government; that there is no despotism so absolute ond oppressive, as i petty despotism.

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